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AGPC - Hot Ones 3 Pack

AGPC - Hot Ones 3 Pack

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The pack gives you the three hot sauces that were featured on Hot Ones for us.

They are as follows:

AGPC - Hippy Dippy Green (Season 8)

AGPC - Goat Rider (Season 13)

AGPC - The Phoenix Hot Sauce (Season 17)

Customer Reviews

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Lorne Graham
Hot Ones 3-Pack, diversity in sauce!

What I've loved about Angry Goat Pepper Co sauces is their unique flavors and the fact that they have a sauce for everyone no matter your heat tolerance level. These 3 are wonderful and very different from one another, from the smokiness of the balsamic Goat Rider to the extra tingly verde sauce Hippy Dippy Green to The Phoenix with cantaloupe! So unique and interesting and deserving to be on the Hot Ones show. This trio is a very nice ride...

Mike C
New Favorite Hot Sauce Company

I buy a lot of hot sauce (local shows, online, etc), and AGPC has some of the best I've found over the years, but this pack in particular has to be my current fav!

Timothy Rice
Of the three bottles that arrived, one was broken.

The red sauce, Goat Rider, is excellent. Same can be said for the yelllow sauce, The Phoenix. The green sauce, however, arrived with the bottom of the bottle broken out, resulting in quite a mess and disappointment. I could see that care was taken by the company to ensure careful shipment so I did not pursue further action, although I was looking forward to the Verde on eggs.

I'm looking for something hotter, so maybe I will peruse the catalog a little deeper.

Matthew Benoit
Simply the best.

Amazing products from a pair of amazing small business owners. The products never disappoint.
They really have something for everyone.


AGPC - Hot Ones 3 Pack