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AGPC - Variety Pack - One of Each Flavor Hot Sauce

AGPC - Variety Pack - One of Each Flavor Hot Sauce

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Want to try all of our hot sauces? Then here is a handy option for you. You will receive one 5-ounce bottle of each of our 20 hot sauces. You will also save $23 off from the normal retail price.

1-COOL Hippo Hot Sauce

1-Cayenne & Roasted Sweet Potato Hot Sauce

1-Serrano, Cilantro & Chive Hot Sauce

1-Chocolate Habanero, Balsamic & Black Garlic Hot Sauce

1-Dreams of Calypso Hot Sauce

1-Hippy Dippy Green Hot Sauce

1-Red Armadillo Hot Sauce

1-Yellow Flamingo Hot Sauce

1- The Phoenix Hot Sauce

1- Fat Alli Hot Sauce

1- Peace & Curry Hot Sauce

1-Goat Rider Hot Sauce

1-Pink Elephant Hot Sauce

1-Dark Swizzle Hot Sauce

1-Sacrifice Hot Sauce

1-Purple Hippo Hot Sauce

1-Black Bison Hot Sauce

1-Sweaty Beaver Hot Sauce

1-Hot Cock Hot Sauce 

1-Demon Reaper Hot Sauce


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicole DeShone
Has not arrived yet - FedEx lost it.

I love Angry Goat, and they have been very kind when I mentioned the issue, but I can't give an honest review because FedEx said the bar code became unreadable in transit and it never arrived.

W J Perlmutter
Absolutely The Best!

My son moved from Vermont to Michigan and one week later celebrated his Birthday. I wanted to give him a “taste of home.” I tried Angry Goat on a visit to Mount Snow in West Dover… SO GOOD.
My person favorite is Sweaty Beaver😋
The order and delivery process were flawless and he Lived his Birthday Gift.
Thank You Angry Goat.
P.S. If you get any orders from Michigan… he’s spreading the wealth 😎
Family still in Vermont and Love Angry Goat👍

Larry Eckart
Great flavor

Great flavor