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AGPC - Hottest Sauces 3-Pack

AGPC - Hottest Sauces 3-Pack

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Love Heat? Love Angry Goat products? Well this pack is for you. These are the three hottest sauces that Angry Goat makes.

You will receive one bottle of each:
1-Black Bison Hot Sauce (10/10 heat)
1-Hot Cock Hot Sauce (11/10 heat)
1-Demon Reaper Hot Sauce (12/10 heat)


Customer Reviews

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Brian Aguglia

AGPC - Hottest Sauces 3-Pack

Pasquale Stefanizzi

AGPC - Hottest Sauces 3-Pack

Timothy Rice
Yes!!!! This is hot sauce.

Purchased some medium heat bottles from Angry Goat for use with eggs, wings, etc. and have been pleased, but I wanted more. I've used Hot Cock on wings and have found it pleasantly hot, although not overwhelming. But, I think people react differently to various pepper combinations, etc. I used Black Bison on some beef kabobs and soon I was rolling on the floor in agony in a puddle of my own tears and burning misery. Obviously, I'm kidding, but it was exactly what I've been seeking. It is, after all, called "hot sauce" for a reason. I finished every delicious bite of my beef kabobs.

Love this pack. Angry Goat is no joke. I'm afraid to try Demon Reaper. BTW, a teaspoon of sour cream will take the bite out of the worst burning hot sauce.

Nicholas King

Hot and Tasty.

Brian Hollar
Amazing hot sauce!

I was gifted a bottle of the reaper hot sauce from Angry Goat a few weeks ago. I loved it so much that I decided to order a three bottle combo of the hottest sauces they have. Not only are the sauces as spicy as I wanted them to be, they were also super tasty. Could not be happier with my purchase. Highly recommend!!