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Lucky Dog - Year of the Dog

Lucky Dog - Year of the Dog

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Year of the Dog - Thai Chile Pineapple Hot Sauce

Year of the Dog - Impossibly delicious Thai chile pineapple hot sauce, with toasted onion, roasted garlic, toasted sesame, honey, ginger & lime. Aleppo peppers round out the flavor profile to create a unique & savory hot sauce.

In Asian astrology, the Dog is fiercely loyal and always ready to help others, two traits that perfectly describe Year of the Dog hot sauce with any food.

Use liberally on pork, chicken, steak, fish, pizza, burgers, Thai, Chinese, Indian, and pretty much everything.


Ingredients: Pineapple (pineapple juice, ascorbic acid, vitamin E, and vitamin A, pineapple), Rice Vinegar, Onion, Roasted Garlic, Honey, Dried Red Chiles, Toasted Onion Sea Salt, Agave, Lime Juice Concentrate, Ginger, Dried Garlic, Mustard Flour, Toasted Sesame Seeds.