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Vermont Epicurean- Maple Country Mustard

Vermont Epicurean- Maple Country Mustard

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There's nothing like a good mustard on cold leftover roast meat. Sometimes it's hard to say whether the sharpest or the sweetest is best. As a rule of thumb, we go sharper with red meat and sweeter with white meat or sharp cheese. Then there's sausage, which can go either way. Besides slathering it on sandwiches, you might use our mustards to begin your own salad dressings. Just mix a teaspoonful with some vinegar and finely chopped shallots, then stir in your oil of choice (olive, vegetable, or nut), and use on green salads, cooked vegetable salads (i.e. beet, potato, green bean), or main course salads.

Maple Country Mustard

Real Vermont maple syrup makes this mustard truly unique. Great on sandwiches, as a glaze on grilled meats or as an ingredient in your favorite sauce or dressing.