AGPC - Serrano, Cilantro & Chive Hot Sauce - BEING DISCONTINUED

AGPC - Serrano, Cilantro & Chive Hot Sauce - BEING DISCONTINUED

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Angry Goat Serrano, Cilantro & Chive hot sauce focuses on rich, savory flavors rather than heat. Serrano peppers are combined with a splash of bright lime juice, sweet agave, fresh cilantro, and chives.

If you're looking for the perfect topping to your taco, you've found it. The combination of serrano and fresh cilantro bring a refreshing boost to your favorite food truck treat. We also love it on pizza, eggs, and noodles. Try some today!

Made in Vermont.

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: Distilled white vinegar, serrano peppers, lime juice, agave nectar, sea salt, fresh cilantro, dried chives.

Customer Reviews

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Jonathan Jepson
Great sauce, stock up now.

Amazing flavor. Low heat, great on breakfast burritos. Gonna miss this sauce so I grabbed a few to savor.

Flynn Mahoney
Bring it back!

Sad this is being discontinued. I stocked up with a full case. Everyone I share it with enjoys and wants a bottle!


Great flavor

Aaron Cundiff
Very good a sauce I would buy again.

I'm unclear on the fact you ask a question about the sauce being discontinued, vs the rating next. Is the rating for the sauce or my opinion on discontinuing? With that being said, you'd be stupid to discontinue which is why I suspect this question was sent out. For my critique, I think it's great. Would this beat out any vinegar heavy sauce at a store, for sure, and my only real critique might be there is a bit too much sweetness for my taste. But in the event you really discontinue this sauce, I will buy a case if you need me to come through. In the event someone actually reads this, and wants to know where I'm coming from considering I'm an addict and own about 200 sauces, 2 of my favorite greens that come to mind for me are Sinaloa brand green or of LA, and Joe's Peppers and Sauces brand, I think of Texas maybe. Anyway, sub some of the sugar for some chicken bullion powder or some masg alternative and I'll bump you into my top 3. Cheers.

Peter Ratzloff

AGPC - Serrano, Cilantro & Chive Hot Sauce