AGPC - Bestseller 3 Pack

AGPC - Bestseller 3 Pack

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In this pack you will receive the top three (3) selling sauces for Angry Goat Pepper Co.

The Sauces are:

Hippy Dippy Green Hot Sauce

Goat Rider Hot Sauce

Purple Hippo Hot Sauce

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Sarah Silverio

AGPC - Bestseller 3 Pack

read the labels before sharing with your mother

shared with boss at work along with some others and these three won out over others we agreed elijahs extreme regret was hotter but had no flavor green is soft but has enough taste to still be pleasant goat rider is quality hot but still tasty and hippo is sweet and hot very fun
my mum tried hippo though because i only remembered it as sweet and i still feel guilty

Jack Horowitz
Great Service

We love that you're in VT...Your stickers are on my boy's laptops. Apparently they are very cool!

A favorite gift to give

I like to use this 3-pack along with a bottle of the Calypso (mild, tropical fruit) to make a thoughtful gift. The mild green is perfect for eggs and chicken, the Goat Rider is excellent with beef, and the Purple Hippo is pretty damned hot — a few drops into a cream sauce or some scrambled eggs make things sing.

If you want blistering hot, you’d want to get a bottle of Black Bison (or Demon Reaper if you’re a heat freak), but for most people the Purple Hippo is a good fiery sauce.

I like this company a lot. I’ve tried many, many sauces, and these folks offer the best fresh, floral heights of spicy peppers that makes their sauces the go-to resource.

Jim Searle
Best Hot Sauce I've ever had.

When I say this is some of the best hot sauce I have ever had, I'm not lying. Ever since i discovered AGPC at a local fair in 2016 I have not look back making sure I am well stocked and supporting this great Sauce maker.

The heat is great, and with helpful "what it goes best with" can knock a meal up a notch.

This best seller three pack gives you three of my favorites right off the bat.
Purple Hippo, has a wonderful kick that can make any meal great,
Hippy Dippy works on all types of breakfast eggs and Goat Rider pairs well with pizzas.

I have gotten these three packs for gift for family and friends and will continue to do so in the future.