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AGPC - COOL Hippo Hot Sauce

AGPC - COOL Hippo Hot Sauce

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Angry Goat Cool Hippo takes the flavors of Angry Goat's super popular Purple Hippo, and knocks down the heat a number of notches.

Cool Hippo combines the unique flavor of prickly pear, with the sweetness of agave, strawberries, and cane sugar. A mild heat from cayenne and jalapeño peppers, with a bright splash of lemon and lime, make this a great sauce to add immense flavor, with just a touch of heat. 

We love this with ice cream, tacos, cream cheese, and eggs. You gotta try this sauce!

Made in Vermont.

Heat: Mild

Ingredients: Prickly pear cactus juice, agave nectar, cayenne peppers, jalapeño peppers, red bell peppers, apple cider vinegar, strawberries, pure cane sugar, lemon juice, lime juice, sea salt, cayenne pepper powder, scorpion pepper powder.

Customer Reviews

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Clinton Brendle
Wonderful sauce

I tried this sauce as soon as it arrived. shipping was fast and the package it came in was well packed. the personal thank you note was a really nice touch as well. the sauce was wonderful and the flavor is super unique, but at first I put quite a bit more than usual and man that heat was right where I want it to be. It was incredible. cant wait to try some more sauces

James D

I was impressed with the flavor and heat combined with the sauces. I ordered cool hippo and some spices. Haven't tried the spices yet, but with the flavor of the sauces I cannot wait. Oh, and personal note with a thank you when I opened the box, very cool.

steve bianco

Tried to cool hippo it was excellent bought black bison and purple hippo can’t wait to try cheers.

Lee Strain
If there was a perfect sauce for me....

This is the 1 hot sauce (of a constantly changing rotation of 12-15) that I can't be without. A complex sweet taste immediately with a mellow heat to follow, one that dissipates quickly. If stranded on a deserted island with just one sauce, let it be Cool Hippo!