AGPC - Variety Pack - 20 Different Flavors of Hot Sauce

AGPC - Variety Pack - 20 Different Flavors of Hot Sauce

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Want to try all of our hot sauces? Then here is a handy option for you. You will receive one 5-ounce bottle of each of our 20 hot sauces. You will also save $26 off from the normal retail price.

1-COOL Hippo Hot Sauce

1-Blistered Shishito & Garlic Hot Sauce

1-Dreams of Calypso Hot Sauce

1-Hippy Dippy Green Hot Sauce

1-Red Armadillo Hot Sauce

1-Yellow Flamingo Hot Sauce

1-Pumpkin & Habanero Hot Sauce

1- The Phoenix Hot Sauce

1- Fat Alli Hot Sauce

1- Peace & Curry Hot Sauce

1-Goat Rider Hot Sauce

1-Pink Elephant Hot Sauce

1-Sacrifice Hot Sauce

1-Dreams of Calypso Private Reserve

1-Purple Hippo Hot Sauce

1-Black Bison Hot Sauce

1-Sweaty Beaver Hot Sauce

1-Demon Reaper Hot Sauce

1- Primo ROCKpotamus Hot Sauce

1-Aurora Berryallis


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kat Walker
Insanely delicious and creative flavors!

Now that we’ve opened about half of these flavors and sampled them (we got the “one of everything pack” cause I just couldn’t narrow it down lol), I cannot say enough good things about these sauces! Each one has such unique flavor that we’ve never had anything like. I love how you can actually taste what the labels say! My favorite so far has definitely been the roasted sweet potato and cayenne. I need to buy 100 of that flavor alone!!!!!! If you are a spicy lover, I’m convinced you’ll be satisfied with the spice levels here!!! And even the spiciest flavors actually still have actual flavor that can be tasted, not just heat alone. Thank you Angry Goat for the amazing service & quality product, we will never be bored with these hot sauces in our fridge!!

Nicole DeShone
Has not arrived yet - FedEx lost it.

I love Angry Goat, and they have been very kind when I mentioned the issue, but I can't give an honest review because FedEx said the bar code became unreadable in transit and it never arrived.

W J Perlmutter
Absolutely The Best!

My son moved from Vermont to Michigan and one week later celebrated his Birthday. I wanted to give him a “taste of home.” I tried Angry Goat on a visit to Mount Snow in West Dover… SO GOOD.
My person favorite is Sweaty Beaver😋
The order and delivery process were flawless and he Lived his Birthday Gift.
Thank You Angry Goat.
P.S. If you get any orders from Michigan… he’s spreading the wealth 😎
Family still in Vermont and Love Angry Goat👍

Larry Eckart
Great flavor

Great flavor