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CaJohns - Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce

CaJohns - Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce

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Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce (5oz) - This sauce is a Chilihead's Nirvana. Start with the fiery Fatalii chili, add cracked black pepper, garlic, chili caribe, Red Savina, Habanero powder and a select blend of veggie powders to create a rich, thick puree of incredibly tasty fire! 

Fatalii Fire uses the rare Fatalii chile, found only in central South Africa where it is known to the locals as "the yellow devil's tongue".

Ingredients: Fatalii Chiles, Vinegar, Garlic, Onion, Black Pepper, Chile Caribe and a Select Blend of Dehydrated Vegetables.