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AGPC - Pink Elephant Hot Sauce

AGPC - Pink Elephant Hot Sauce

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At Angry Goat Pepper Co., we make all our products in small, handcrafted batches in Vermont.

Our “Pink Elephant” Hot Sauce has a light, fruity, slightly sweet flavor with the lasting burn of Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) peppers. Cranberries, Ginger, and Ghost Peppers – do we need to say more?

Has anyone seen the Pink Elephant in the room?

Try “Pink Elephant” on poultry, pork, eggs, pizza, or in mixed drinks.

HEAT: 6+/10

Bottle Size: 5-ounces

Ingredients: Cranberries, Pure Cane Sugar, Apple Juice, Habanero Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) Peppers, Pomegranate Juice, Fresh Ginger.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Favorite for cheese & crackers

Love to relax in the afternoon and have some cheese and crackers with the Elephant. Pours great, pairs well with a sharp cheese, and has a decent kick.

Ryan Henck
Awesome Stuff

I love hot sauce, try a ton of brands and always at restaurants etc I can say this is one of the best brands Ive ever had! perfect combination of flavor, sweet, and spicy! great stuff! definitely recommend for any hot sauce lovers!

Ethan Prus
Damn good

This sauce rules. the Cranberry isn't overpowering and it's not overly spicy. Just a great flavor. I put it on turkey sandwiches.

Douglas Farquhar
It's so good

I love this sauce. The tartness that the cranberries provide is awesome! So much flavor and a good amount of heat! It is one of my favorites.

Kimberly McCauley
Pink elephant hot sauce

Excellent hot sauce