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AGPC - The Phoenix Hot Sauce - OVERSTOCK

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We always say if you’re not having fun with hot sauce, you’re not doing it right! Hot sauce maker Angry Goat gets it right with their whimsical labels and ingredient choices you may remember from Hot Ones Seasons 8 and 13. Phoenix marks their return to the lineup with another one-of-a-kind recipe, this time with cantaloupe and ginger. Yes, you read that right… melon on chicken wings. It may seem strange at first, but to all the skeptics out there we say, “Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it!” This sauce is sweet-tart heat and downright addicting on salad, sandwiches or even with a charcuterie board. 

Ingredients: Cantaloupe melon, distilled white vinegar, lime juice, Yellow Scotch Bonnet mash (peppers, vinegar), orange blossom honey, peaches, sweet onions, olive oil, ginger root, datil pepper powder, salt, garlic powder

Size: 5 FL OZ

Customer Reviews

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R Dogg
I keep coming back for more!

Received this as a Father’s Day gift in a Hot Ones bundle - and this was my favorite. I just ordered tge three pack - 2 for me and one I gave to a friend to spread the love. You won’t be disappointed - the cantaloupe makes this sauce unlike any other I’ve tried. The best.

Nisha B.
So good

I first tried this hot sauce when we received it with our Hot Ones box. It was the best one out of the entire box. This hot sauce is both sweet and spicy. It’s good on sandwiches, wraps, and burritos. I ordered three bottles because I ran out of the bottle we got so quickly. This is a must buy for any hot sauce lover.

Keith C.
Best Fruit-Forward Hot Sauce

Never did I think cantaloupe would work so well with hot sauce. This is, by far, the best fruit-forward hot sauce I’ve had!! Equally as flavorful as it is spicy, Phoenix goes well with almost anything—but I love it on chicken thighs and wings, shrimp, and even salad. This (and Demon Reaper) is my go-to hot sauce.

Tommy Taco
Great kick!

The show Hot Ones rated this at 39,000 shu's. It does have a fine kick and very enjoyable taste. The melon makes it unique and it's not hot enough to be too much. I like to take a little nip right out of the bottle and it's hot enough to fix my craving for spicy.

Great company, great sauce, great stickers

I especially appreciated the personal touch; the shipping manifest included a handwritten note from one of the proprietors. This is a company worth supporting.