The Spice Lab -  Smoked Ghost Pepper Sea Salt
The Spice Lab -  Smoked Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

The Spice Lab - Smoked Ghost Pepper Sea Salt

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  • SMOKED GHOST PEPPER SALT: This ghost pepper salt is slowly smoked to create the ultimate savory, well-rounded flavor. This infused salt is made with natural sea salt and smoked bhut jolokia peppers.
  • FLAVOR PROFILE: Made with natural sea salt infused with ghost peppers, this salt has a briny, slightly biting, citrus taste with added notes of savory smoke. The ghost pepper in this salt makes it especially hot.
  • COMMON USE: Smoked ghost pepper salt is great for adding savory, umami flavor to grilled foods like steak, poultry and fish. Use it on other foods like salsas, chili, soups and stews. Sprinkle it onto salads or use it as a finishing salt on any dish that could use a blended, spicy kick. This salt is hot, so use it sparingly!
  • CAUTION: This blend of smoked, all-natural sea salt is infused with ghost pepper, a pepper known for being one of the hottest in the world. Its important that you take extra precaution when using this salt. Try to avoid touching your eyes and wash your hands after use to avoid irritation
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: This infused ghost pepper salt is made with all-natural ingredients and is gluten-free, kosher and non-GMO. This salt is processed and packaged in our HACCP certified manufacturing facility in Pompano Beach, Florida.

This is our Smoked Ghost Pepper Sea Salt - our normal Ghost Pepper Salt slowly smoked to create the ultimate flavor. Made from pure, unrefined sea salt and the Naga Jolokia Pepper, this salt has a spicy hot flavor that is without compare. With a taste only for the very daring, this salt is the hottest salt in the world! Named for one of the most venomous snakes in India, this pepper, also known as the King Cobra Chili, has a blazing heat that is out of this world. For some flaming flavor, sprinkle over chicken wings, chili, or your fajitas, but beware... THIS SALT IS HOT! - USE SPARINGLY! Not for the faint of heart! This pepper is known for extreme heat. Use sparingly to spice up any meal including steak, potatoes, vegetables, poultry and tacos. This gourmet salt contains only pure ingredients. That's it. This incredible seasoning is one of our favorites, and adds wonderful, savory flavor to any meal.